Authorisations for decommissioning and dismantling

  • Authorisation under nuclear law: purpose, parties involved, principles
  • Official responsibilities
  • Authorisation requirements pursuant to Section 7 (3) AtG,
    12 StrlSchG (for waste storage and processing facilities) and other legal regulations
  • General authorisation requirements
  • Transition from the authorisation to the supervisory procedure, stipulations in the authorisation (conditions, ancillary provisions, etc.)
  • Content of the authorisation: the necessary precautions against damage according to the state of the art in science and technology (from the expert's point of view)
  • Role and working methods of the experts
  • Transition from the operating licence to the decommissioning licence, interfaces between the licences
  • Interfaces to other systems on the system site (freedom from repercussions, access, organisational structure)

Legal structure of the authorisation procedure

  • Licence procedure according to AtG
    StrlSchV / StrlSchG and AtVfV: Application, publication, interpretation, discussion
  • Additional elements of environmental law: EIA, preliminary assessment, scoping, (early) public participation; new developments due to the EIA Modernisation Act of 2017
  • The authorisation notice and its ancillary provisions
  • Communication in and with the public
  • Contestation of authorisations, third-party protection, suspensive effect, immediate execution
  • Opinions of the EU Commission pursuant to Art. 37 / 41 Euratom Treaty

Residual materials and waste

  • Overview and residual material concepts; residual materials and radioactive waste
  • Mass flows during the dismantling of a nuclear power plant
  • Official authorisations in the waste disposal sector (overview)
  • Interfaces between authorisation and supervision
  • Legal transfer of responsibility for disposal
  • Legal transfer of interim storage to the public sector
  • Decision criteria for residual material concepts
  • Interim storage of radioactive waste
  • Process for conditioning radioactive residues and waste
  • Final disposal in the Konrad mine, final disposal conditions, documentation
  • Release and surrender, release from nuclear law
  • Clearance for disposal in landfills: legal and practical problems
  • Outlook: Building release

Date                 by arrangement

Location                       In-house seminar

Price                    on request

Speakers         Dr Matthias Bauerfeind, TÜV SÜD Energietechnik, Filderstadt; Dr Christian Raetzke, lawyer, Leipzig

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