Part 1 | System of nuclear administration in Germany

  • Principle of federal contract management
  • Roles and competences of the BMU, state ministries, BASE, BfS, other authorities
  • Structure of the nuclear regulations
  • Role of European and international institutions and treaties

Part 2 | Licences in nuclear law

  • The authorisation: Purpose, parties involved, principles
  • Authorisation requirements according to AtG and StrlSchG
  • Authorisation requirements
  • The precautions against damage required according to the state of the art in science and technology; concretisation through regulations
  • Protection against disruptive measures and other third-party interference

Part 3 | Legal structure of the authorisation procedure

  • Licensing procedure according to AtG, StrlSchG and AtVfV from the application to the decision
  • EIA, (early) public participation and environmental law
  • Granting of authorisation, content and ancillary provisions
  • Special features of the decommissioning and dismantling licence for NPPs and the licence for LAW/MAW interim storage facilities
  • Contestation of authorisations, third-party protection, suspensive effect, immediate execution
  • Opinions of the EU Commission pursuant to Art. 37 / 41 Euratom Treaty

Part 4 | Supervision and amendment/cancellation of the authorisation

  • General supervision
  • Supervisory orders pursuant to Section 19 (3) AtG
  • Change authorisation and supervisory approval
  • Cancellation of the licence and subsequent conditions in accordance with § 17 AtG

Date                 14 March 2024 OR 10 September 2024

Location                       WEBINAR 

Price                    1.049,- €

Speaker              Dr Christian Raetzke | Lawyer, Leipzig

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