Berlin, 06/09/2022

As an industry association, KernD e.V. is disappointed by yesterday's proposal by the Federal Ministry of Economics to keep two of the German nuclear power plants currently still connected to the grid in operational readiness beyond the statutory decommissioning date of 31 December 2022 and only allow electricity production if required.

Instead, nuclear power plants could help to relieve the currently strained electricity market and alleviate consumer concerns about security of supply. It is incomprehensible that the impact on price trends of continuing to operate nuclear power plants for several years, with their generation of 33 billion kilowatt hours per year, obviously played no role in the German government's decision-making process.

KernD also expresses its incomprehension about the proposed regulation on the deployment reserve, which does not appear to be very practical. In the association's view, this makes it impossible or almost impossible to react at short notice to unfavourable weather conditions, for example. The association therefore urgently recommends that the proposal be revised and a more appropriate regulation be found.

Press contact:

Nicolas Wendler

Phone: +49 172 237 91 84


Habeck's proposal for the continued operation of the NPP: no relief for the
Electricity market, realisability questionable, improvements necessary

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