Berlin, 08 October 2021

For more than two years, politicians, business and media representatives as well as social initiatives have repeatedly brought the continued operation of nuclear power plants in Germany into play in the public debate in order to achieve our country's climate policy goals and reconcile these with the security of a needs-based electricity supply and economic prosperity.

There is a statutory regulation on the operating life of nuclear power plants in Germany, which is fully respected and implemented by the nuclear power plant operators. These regulations stipulate that German nuclear power plants must cease operation by 31 December 2022 at the latest and then be dismantled.

Technically speaking, the nuclear power plants in Germany could also be operated for much longer and thus continue to make their contribution to avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. However, due to the very advanced planning of the end of operation, there would be considerable hurdles, e.g. in the availability of sufficiently qualified personnel and the procurement of fuel elements. Additional political and regulatory requirements would also arise. All in all, these factors make the continued operation of German nuclear power plants appear unlikely.

In this context, it should be noted that the German Nuclear Technology Association (KernD) has no mandate to take a public position on the issue of continued operation, i.e. to demand or reject it. The operators of the nuclear power plants alone reserve the right to make reliable statements on this. In the recent past, they have spoken out against such a project. This position has not changed to this day.

At the same time, KernD recognises the value of nuclear energy for ensuring a needs-based supply of electricity while making a significant contribution to climate protection. The association is therefore not only committed to maintaining nuclear expertise in Germany in order to cope with domestic tasks and to ensure that our country has a say in the further development of nuclear energy and its safety, but also favours the use of nuclear power in countries where the political conditions for this exist, safety is guaranteed and there is public acceptance.

Current debate on the continued operation of German nuclear power plants for climate policy reasons (PDF, 51.70 KB)

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