On 22 March 2024, one day after the Nuclear Energy Summit 2024 of the IAEA and the Belgian EU Council Presidency, the EU Commission and the European nuclear industry association nucleareurope held a dissemination event on the European Industrial Alliance on SMRs. According to EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton, the installed capacity of nuclear power in the EU must be doubled as part of the target of a 90 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2040. At the same time, the Deputy Director General of DG Energy, Massimo Garribba, explained that a key objective of the alliance will be the development of concrete SMR projects to be completed by the first half of the 30s. To this end, a technology roadmap for technology selection and a strategic roadmap for implementation are to be adopted in the short to medium term - technologically with a current focus on light water reactor technology. The industrial alliance, in which 100 players are already participating and which is a good opportunity for industry players of all kinds to network with SMR projects, invites further memberships (applications can be submitted until 12 April 2024 on the homepage of the EU Commission ).

The day before that, the all-day Nuclear Energy Summit 2024 the first such event since the Atoms for Peace conferences of the 1950s. At the nuclear summit, which took place without German participation, a Brussels Declaration was adopted by 32 states with the aim of cooperation between the participating states in the utilisation of the full potential and expansion of nuclear energy.

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