Practical training in the fundamentals of nuclear technology and, if necessary, consolidation and consolidation of existing specialist knowledge in the form of a two-day crash course.

The course is aimed at all employees in industry, research, administration and management who are directly involved in or related to nuclear technology. Specifically, it is aimed at all employees, including all managers, who are employed in nuclear facilities in Germany, i.e. nuclear power plants in post-operation and dismantling, fuel processing facilities, research reactors, in administrations and authorities as well as at interim storage and final storage sites.

The course is designed for interactive learning and the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 16. The course concludes with a multiple choice exam to assess success and makes an important contribution to maintaining nuclear expertise. The contents are

  • Fundamentals of atomic and nuclear physics: molecules, atoms, atomic nuclei, nuclides
  • Working with the nuclide chart: Isotopes, decay types, half-lives, decay series
  • Nuclear energy: binding energies, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, chain reactions
  • Nuclear fuels I: Origin, types, extraction, nuclear fuel cycle
  • Nuclear fuels II: Conversion, enrichment, fuel element production
  • Nuclear reactors I: Overview of types, structure and mode of operation using the PWR as an example 
  • Nuclear reactors II: basic safety principles, operation, control, fuel inventory, demand and exchange, 
  • Basics of radiation protection: phys. Units, basic principles, shielding
  • Basics of dismantling: materials, separation methods, process planning
  • Basic principles of waste management: Decay storage, interim storage, final disposal, reprocessing

Date                 6-7 May 2024

Location Seminar in Berlin

Price                    1.498,- €

Speaker              Dr Thomas Behringer, Managing Director KernD e.V.

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